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Discover Lyve, your Social concierge tool that creates virtual and physical opportunities for getting together with friends and enhancing the ways people engage and interact authentically.  

Why Lyve?

Social media's decline is evident as forced and artificial content saturates platforms. Authenticity will become the new standard, inspiring self-expression and personal growth through genuine social experiences. Our vision merges the digital and physical worlds, fostering interactions that are both meaningful and real. If you share our values, join us in our mission. Help us grow by sharing our link with a friend! Together, let's reimagine social media.

It begins
with you

When you open our app, you'll see yourself reflected back. Our camera is your mirror, designed to empower and remind you of your beauty. Our mission is to foster self-confidence within our community. You'll also notice something different about us: no filters, no AI tools, no music. We celebrate imperfection, valuing authenticity and individual expression above all.

Giving power back
to you

With our app, you can pin what truly matters to you - family, friends, self-curated groups, hashtags, and topics. Craft a unique journey tailored to your desires and interests in real time. With every swipe, discover your path and design an experience that is exclusively yours.

for you!

Design is not just a process;. We've invested two years in researching current social media, talk with 1000s of people, critically testing and refining our idea as well as your ideas. Every decision has been made with your desires and needs in mind, ensuring an experience that blends uniqueness with familiarity, making you instantly feel at ease with yourself.

Your Social Concierge

We anchor users to the real world through local businesses. We inspire exploration of new places while saving you money with exclusive coupons. Here's the twist: to redeem any offer, we promote social interaction by requiring two or more people. Join us in celebrating the "social" in social media and the joy of shared experiences.

The minds behind LyveSocial

Meet the trio behind Lyve: Taylor, Victor, and Christo. Driven by their passion for crafting a social media platform that positively influences people's lives, these experienced professionals understand the social media landscape. Together, with your input, they are committed to launching an inspiring platform that fuels personal growth, authenticity, meaningful interactions with friends while enriching the local community. Join us on this transformative journey!

Taylor Grey Founder CEO Lyve

Taylor Grey


Victor Minichiello

Social Interaction

Christo Britos Co-Founder Technical Advisor Lyve

Christo Brits

Technical Advisor

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